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Becoming Who I Was (da-si tae-eo-na-do u-ri) ()

Release date: August 19th, 2018

Run time: 1 hr. 35 min.

Direction: Moon Chang-Yong, Jeon Jin

Genres: Documentary

Synopsis: BECOMING WHO I WAS is an amazing true story, and an award-winning, beautiful documentary about a boy, discovered to be the reincarnation of a centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist monk, and his epic journey through treacherous and magnificent natural landscapes of Northern India and Tibet to discover his past and find his rightful place in the world.  Filmed over eight years, we witness an incredibly intimate bond of friendship between a future religious leader and his godfather, whose devotion and selflessness in care for the boy is truly touching.  The film has a stirring and awe-inspiring air of serenity that befits its subject.  Wherever it plays, critics as well as audiences have fallen in love with it.  "A deserving crowd-pleaser that assumes epic journey proportions." –Variety.