Arts & Indies: Special Events

Arts & Indies: Special Events


Take a mid-week break and flashback to some of the great films of the 80's on the big screen!



Back to the Future (PG) Genre: Action/Adventure , Comedy Runtime: 01:56

With the help of a wacky scientist, a young teen travels back to 1955 in a Delorean turned time-machine. Once there, he meets his parents, still teenagers, but his presence throws things out-of-whack and he must ensure they fall in love and get married or else he'll never come to exist.

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The Breakfast Club (1985) (R) Genre: Drama Runtime: 01:37

A diverse group of high schoolers forced to spend detention on a Saturday in the library. Forced to make the best of their circumstances, they learn to understand each other and discover that in spite of their initial differences, they actually share many common feelings and problems.

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off (PG-13) Genre: Comedy Runtime: 01:38

Ferris Bueller is a clever and tricky fast talker, a legend in his own time. He decides to call out sick from school, feigning illness, to embark on a wild adventure involving his girlfriend, Sloane Peterson, his best friend Cameron Frye, and a Ferrari. From Wrigley Field to the Art Institute of Chicago to a Polish Pride parade, Bueller and friends intend on making the most of their day off. However, Ferris' sister and the school dean, Ed Rooney, suspect that Ferris is simply pretending to be ill. Both Rooney and Ferris' sister Jeanie are hot on Ferris' trail and are determined to catch him and his friends in the act of class-cutting.

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